Whole Earth Selling – A method or a mission?

Whole Earth Selling – A method or a mission?

What works best for growing your business? Is it having a solid sales methodology, process? Or is it putting your team on a mission?

I am a fan of solid sales methodology and sales process. It is vital for the sales team to achieve repeatable success. However, they do need to be constantly modified and tweaked to be sure your activities are still aligned with your client’s needs and problem states. It is because of this I vote that a mission beats a sales process every time.

Since many if not most sales teams don’t know about the process of daily activities, let’s help teams and individuals move right past this and get aligned for their clients’ success.

Salespeople should all view themselves as detectives, doctors or life coaches for their clients. Our goal is to find the problems that need solving. Success only comes by helping clients overcome obstacles and hit their goals.

This is where mission outperforms process or methodology. If we are completely focused on helping our clients achieve their goals, we don’t get hung up on features or benefits that are not focused on solving issues.

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